1 In 6 New Medical Specialists Say They Can’t Find Work

Ottawa medical specialists head to Egypt and Syria

Dr. Christine Herman is a recently trained cardiac surgeon. She is like about 31 per cent of new specialists who said they chose not to enter the job market but instead pursued more training, which they hoped would make them more employable. Herman said medical schools and the provinces and territories need to do a better job of workforce planning. “I think that the training programs aren’t in sync with the needs that are out there,” Herman said. “Long-term planning, committee planning for job availability is needed.” Steven Lewis, a health policy consultant based in Saskatchewan who was not involved in the study, thinks the situation willworsen. “I think that there is no question that … almost doubling medical school enrolments since the late 1990s combined with easier paths to licensure for international medical grads was the wrong thing to do. We didn’t think it through as a country.” Just under 20 per cent of recently certified specialists said they’d look for work outside of Canada, which could promote a “brain drain” to the U.S., the report’s authors said. Dr. Andrew Padmos, chief executive officer of the Royal College, said more research and consultation needs to be done to understand the challenge. The college would like to see a pan-Canadian think-tank to plan the health workforce. Australia, Britain and the U.S.

click over here http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/1-in-6-new-medical-specialists-say-they-can-t-find-work-1.1931800

Surgical team in operating room

David Cain, a flight paramedic with 19 years of experience in war-zones and disaster areas paired up with Dr. Mohamed Omar, who directs FMTCC, a training and consultancy agency for doctors. The two will start in Egypt and make their way to Syria. The fighting in Syria has taken a devastating human toll, with the UN estimating that more than 100,000 people have been killed. The idea to go to the two countries started out just last week and the pair have already received more than $50,000 worth of medical supplies. Among the supplies donated to the pair are ventilators, breathing masks, injections to counteract the effects of chemical weapons and an ambulance. “It’s incredible to see. It makes me very proud to be a Canadian,” said Cain. “We know that it’s going to reach the people who are most needy,” he said. Omar moved to Canada from Egypt eight years ago and said he didn’t expect to get so many donations in such a short period of time. “Everybody here in Canada try (sic) to help any people any where in the world, so living here is very nice,” said Omar. They plan on leaving in the fall. @YahooCanadaNews on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook You Might Like

source this http://ca.news.yahoo.com/ottawa-medical-specialists-head-egypt-syria-154407192.html

Argentina’s Polar Bear ‘Arturo’ Will Stay at the Mendoza Zoo

Imagen de la página en Facebook OSO POLAR Arturo

Analizaron que por su edad, 23 anos, no puede ser sometido a una serie [de] analisis necesarios para el traslado y enCanadano podria recibirlo porque el animal no cumple con los requisitos que exige el protocolo de ese pais. Unanimously, the specialists decided thatArturo the bearwould stay inMendoza. They determined that because of his age, 23, he could not be submitted to the series [of] analyses needed for the move, and inCanadahe would not be received because he does not meet the requirements of the country’s protocol. In January of 2014, due to the demands and pleas made by different groups that the bear be put in a place more suitable for his species, the governor of the city of Mendoza, Francisco Perez ( @PacoPerez ), announced from his Twitter account that the bear was being evaluated physically to determine the possibility of eventually moving him to Canada: Comunico que nuestro Gobierno, en caso que la junta medica asi lo determine, aprueba y apoya la decision de trasladar al Oso Arturo. Francisco Perez (@PacoPerezMza) enero 24, 2014 If the medical board approves it, and Arturo the bear can be moved, two Canadian entities are interested in receiving him. This news brought about a lot of happiness and gratitude towards the governor, and the community was waiting for the medical board to arrive on February 7th to do the evaluation. As one might expect, the news that the bear will stay in Mendoza has generated reactions from those who were waiting for the results. On Twitter, Argentines are commenting on the case under the hashtag #OsoArturo . For their part, the Association of Civil Servants and Lawyers for the Rights of Animals ( AFADA ) [es] presented a statement [es] announcing the request for a habeas corpus for the polar bear’s illegal loss of liberty. The Facebook page Ecologicos Unidos [es], calls for continuing to fight [es]for the polar bear: MENSAJE URGENTE A AQUELLAS PERSONAS QUE TIENEN GANAS DE AYUDAR AL OSO POLAR ARTURO Y TIENE IDEAS NUEVAS PARA LOGRAR SU TRASLADO Nosotros probamos con todo y no lo logramos pero no quiere decir que alguien mas preparado y con mas herramientas no pueda hacerlo ! NO DISCUTAN CON NOSOTROS , HAGANLO URGENTE ! ARTURO NO TIENE TIEMPO ! URGENT MESSAGE TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO HELP ARTURO THE POLAR BEAR AND HAVE NEW IDEAS FOR MOVING HIM We tried everything and we weren’t successful but that doesn’t mean that someone more prepared and with more tools can’t do it! DON’T ARGUE WITH US, DO IT QUICKLY! ARTURO DOESN’T HAVE TIME! The page OSO POLAR Arturo [es] does the same, and reports [es] that the result is the worst news they could have imagined. Image from the Facebook page OSO POLAR Arturo (Arturo the POLAR BEAR) The AFP [es] news agency shared a video of the news, showing the protesters awaiting the result: Meanwhile, Greenpeace Argentina [es] calls for joining the fight [es] to improve the conditions in the enclosure where Arturo is now.

more things http://globalvoicesonline.org/2014/02/13/argentinas-polar-bear-arturo-will-stay-at-the-mendoza-zoo/


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