Glaxosmithkline Drug Marketing Change Resonates With Doctors

Canadian doctors barred from performing ‘virginity tests’

The CMA is not a regulatory body that role is up to provincial colleges of physicians and surgeons. And a complaint has to be lodged with the college before it islikely to reprimand an individual doctor. Francescutti said the pharmaceutical industry is skilled at building relationships with doctors and recruiting them for drug trials and seminars that introduce other doctors to new products. Their profit motive is going to be driven by research that tells them how to change physicians’ prescribing habits and they do it very well, they know how to do it. We in the profession have to understand that we have to always be acting in the best interests of our patients, he said. Among the perks doctors may receive from drugs companies: Vacations in the Caribbean. Free lunches for their entire clinic. Expensive gifts. Opportunities to publish research paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. One Toronto physician, Dr. Nav Persaud, believes the kinds of changes made by GlaxoSmithKline are a good first step. Why hasn’t medical industry moved? I also think that doctors never should have been paid by drug companies to promote medications. I believe doctors should be focused on care for patients, and you cant focus on being paid by drug companies and care for patients at the same time, he said. He is keen for the medical profession to take a more active role in exploring its ties to the pharmaceuticalindustry.

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Canadian doctors say fee cuts, pay inequalities will spur exodus


The Montreal Gazette reports the Quebec College of Physicians issued the decree after two University of Montreal ethics specialists were alerted by school staff to separate incidents involving the matter. Imagine a doctor who does a gynecological examination with the sole purpose of … it goes beyond the imagination. And its degrading to women, Charles Bernard, president of the College des medecins, told The Gazette. The Quebec College of Physicians is, among other things, responsible for dispensing ethical guidance on medical issues for its many member physicians. The Gazette writes University of Montreal ethicists were contacted by a clinic nurse after a young woman asked the health professional during a routine medical exam whether, she was still marriageable. But by then, it seems the ethicists were already grappling with the issue. Two weeks prior, the same researchers reportedly fielded a call concerning an adolescent whose family had forced her to undergo a chastity test at a local clinic. The girl subsequently told her school nurse, who then contacted the university. We got the impression that the physician was pressured by the family in the emergency room. The father was very insistent about having the certificate, and to get rid of the problem, the doctor did it, University of Montreal researcher Marie-Eve Bouthillier reportedly said. The Gazette writes Canadian officials have focused on the issue of late, or since the bodies of four women of Afghan descent were discovered in Ontario in 2009. They were reportedly murdered by relatives in so-called honor killings.


British-based GlaxoSmithKline announced earlier this week that it would stop paying doctors to promote its drugs.

Certainly, we make a handsome salary, theres no denying that, said Dr. Sherif El-Defrawy, 52, incoming chair of the University of Toronto ophthalmology department. He said his salary of about $400,000 is similar to what a typical, fee-for-service eye specialist would take home after expenses. But I wasnt working when I was 24, so theres a lot of potential loss there (And) you really do spend a lot of evenings, a lot of weekends involved in the work It takes a certain immersion in this profession, which is really your life. Some doctor fee cuts announced this week by Ontario: Electrocardiogram: Fee reduced by half because of technological changes, saving $21-million. Diagnostic radiology: Fee for interpreting results cut 5%, for $30-million saving. Cataract surgery: Fee cut by 10% because of time saving in new technology, saving $6.4-million. CT, MRI scans for chronic low-back pain: Service removed, except where province says medically justified, cutting $10-million. OCT test for eye disease: Fee cut from $63 to $25; service limited to four times a year from six, saving $18-million. Echocardiograms: Heart scans before non-cardiac surgery cut, saving $20-million. Self-referring diagnostic service: Fees for diagnostic tests where doctor both orders service and provides it cut by half, saving $44-million. After-hours surgery: Premium for operations done between 5 p.m.

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