Down Under Doctor Who: Show’s Australian Connections Go Back 50 Years

Doctor Who fans in parliament: National MP George Christensen, Labor MPs Andrew Leigh and Graham Perrett and Liberal MP Alex Haw

DOCTOR Who may seem as British as the Royal Family or a month of rain, but it hasn’t always been that way. The program was conceived and developed by a Canadian, Sydney Newman, and the first story serial was written by an Australian, Anthony (Tony) Coburn. Coburn moved to the UK in 1950 and was responsible for penning the show’s debut An Uneartlhly Child and three subsequent episodes, which depicted the Doctor and his companions’ encounters with a primitive tribe. Coburn’s name has been in the news recently, thanks to his son Stef’s threats to sue the BBC over breach of copyright. Stef Coburn claimed that it was his father who came up with the idea that the Doctor’s TARDIS should be disguised as a police box – at the time a common sight throughout the UK. Stef Coburn has claimed the BBC has been in breach of copyright on this since Tony Coburn’s death in 1977. Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding) with the fifth Doctor (Peter Davison). Picture: BBC Source: Supplied David Tennant and Kylie Minogue in Voyage Of The Damned. Picture: BBC Source: News Corp Australia 2. SOME OF THE DOCTOR’S BEST COMPANIONS HAVE BEEN AUSSIES! THE Doctor has had dozens of companions over the years, the vast majority of whom have been young British women – with just a few aliens or foreigners thrown into the mix.

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