Study: Gastroenterologists Are Soon To Be In Short Supply

Stay up to speed on: Healthcare Providers Medicare/Medicaid/CMS Policies & Regulations Healthcare Reform Healthcare Finance Click here to see a sample. We never sell or give away your contact information. Our readers’ trust comes first. But here’s one you might not have expected: We’re likely to also see a shortage of gastroenterologists. Why? Primarily because primary care physicians don’t provide colonoscopies. And colonoscopies are increasingly needed to catch cancer early, or even identify precancerous disease. Unless the number of gastroenterologists increases, even the current rate of screening won’t be able to be sustained. The Lewin Group found that current rates will require an additional 1,050 gastroenterologists by 2020 (on top of the current 10,390 practicing gastroenterologists in the United States). If the rates go up by 10 percent, the nation would need as many as 1,550 additional gastroenterologists by that time. To learn more about the study: – read this piece from The New York Times Related Articles:

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