B.c. Recruits More Doctors, But Pays Them Less

B.C. recruits more doctors, but pays them less

posted the largest increase (5.1 per cent) in the number of physicians of any province in that period. In only four years (2009, 1993, 1988 and 1982) in the past three decades, has B.C. seen such a substantial increase in the number of physicians. There were 221 physicians per 100,000 people in B.C. and 122 family doctors per 100,000 people in B.C. That was more than any in other western Canadian province, Quebec or Ontario. The provincial government has also had apparent success in fiscal constraint, even while having to pay more doctors. Payments to physicians across Canada ($22 billion) and B.C. ($2.7 billion) are at an all-time high. But the 2011-12 payment increase of 3.1 per cent in B.C. is the lowest jump since 2004-05. The increase pales in comparison, for example, to the whopping 16-per-cent hike B.C. doctors got in 2001-02.

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Kelly McParland: Canadian doctors share national sense of disgruntlement

The PQ also broke its promise to cancel a much-disliked health tax, and will increase it instead, to $1,000 from $200, plus a 1.75% surtax on high-income earners, meaning the doctors will be paying top rates to help fund an increase they wont be getting after all, if the province has its way. Albertas doctors are at the other end of the spectrum. Already the highest paid in the country, theyd been negotiating for a new contract for 20 months, only to have one imposed on them last week by Health Minister Fred Horne. They arent pleased, and say the deal isnt good enough. We were shocked, surprised. We were taken off guard, lamented Alberta Medical Association president Dr. Michael Giuffre. I would say our relationship is not good Why is this the first time in Albertas history that weve had an imposition on physicians? Why has this gone so sideways? The deal provides a one-time 2.5 per cent lump sum payment based on 2011-12 billings and annual cost-of-living adjustments for the next three years. Horne acknowledged the doctors wanted considerably more, but Alberta, despite its comparatively enviable economic position maintains it cant afford more. Just last week Premier Alison Redford announced the government had no choice but to borrow money for long-term projects, ending its reign as Canadas only debt-free province. The province says the deal is worth $463 million for the doctors, but the AMA said Tuesday that when other elements are accounted for it is out more than $200 million, and refused to accept the contract . We think that [Horne] will think through what he has done, said Giuffre, who is demanding new talks. He will see the effect its had on physicians.

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Dr. Delight Joins Physicians’ Primary Care Of Southwest Florida

DeLight Joins Physicians’ Primary Care of Southwest Florida SusanBennettMarketingandMedia A Participate This story is contributed by a member of the Naples community and is neither endorsed nor affiliated with Naples Daily News Inspired Images Mardelle DeLight, M.D. Dr. Mardelle DeLight has joined Physicians Primary Care of Southwest Florida. She is a family practice physician at the Cape Coral office at 1304 S.E. 8th Terrace. She is accepting new patients. Dr. DeLight received her M.D. degree from the University of Sint Eustatius School of Medicine in Netherland Antillies and served her residency at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and the University of Nebraska. She also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from University of New York Regents College in Albany. She is board certified in family practice. Prior to joining Physicians Primary Care, she practiced medicine in Miami as the medical director and owner of DeLight Medical Clinic, specializing in acute and chronic diseases, preventive care, wound care and womens health. She is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Physicians Primary Care of Southwest Florida, a physician-owned and operated medical practice, was formed in 1996 by many long practicing local physicians and has grown to become the largest independent multi-specialty practice in Southwest Florida with more than 45 physicians and medical professionals. Medical specialties include internal medicine, family practice, obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatrics. Offices are conveniently located in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Lehigh Acres.

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Health Care In Syria Is ‘hell On Earth,’ Doctors Say


(REUTERS/Molhem Barakat) Syrias once sophisticated health system is at breaking point and parts of the country are completely cut off from any kind of medical service because of deliberate and systematic attacks on medical facilities and staff, senior doctors said on Monday. Horrific injuries go untended, women are giving birth with no medical care and patients battling cancer, diabetes and heart disease, as well as victims of sexual violence, have nowhere to turn, 55 medical professionals from across the world said in a joint letter in The Lancet medical journal. More than half of Syrias hospitals have been destroyed or badly damaged in attacks, nearly 470 health professionals are imprisoned, and about 15,000 doctors have been forced to flee abroad, said the letters signatories. Such attacks are an unconscionable betrayal of the principle of medical neutrality, wrote the doctors, who include Gro Harlem Brundtland, former director-general of the World Health Organization and Hany El Banna, founder of the Humanitarian Forum and Islamic Relief. Of the 5,000 physicians in the city of Aleppo before the conflict started, only 36 remain, the letter said. Syrians are providing the bulk of medical care, but they are struggling in the face of massive need and dangerous conditions. Over half a million people have been injured and Syrians are undergoing (caesarian) sections and amputations without anaesthetic. Its hell on earth, said El Banna said in a separate statement. I am very concerned by the deliberate and systematic attacks on medical facilities and personnel in Syria, Brundtland, who is also deputy chair of the group of global leaders The Elders, added in the statement. The government is refusing visas for aid personnel entering the country, and rebel groups are blocking medical supply convoys, Brundtland said. These restrictions, coupled with inflexibility and bureaucracy in the international aid system, are making things worse, the letter said. Syria is almost certainly the most dangerous place in the world to be a doctor, Fatima Hamroush, another signatory and former minister of health in the Libyan transitional government and consultant ophthalmologist, added in the statement. There is no acceptable reason why full unimpeded access for all doctors needed into Syria should not be granted immediately to prevent further medical catastrophe,” she said. The signatories are urging the Syrian government and rebel groups to lift restrictions on humanitarian access. They also say governments backing either the Syrian government or the rebels should demand an end to attacks on medical personnel and facilities and demand that armed parties allow medical supplies and care to reach Syrians.

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Concierge doctors a growing practice

The only way to maintain his earnings was to see more patients. “I knew I was being compromised by seeing patients every eight to 10 minutes just to keep the doors open,” he said. Two years ago, Padour changed his practice to a model attracting doctors and debate across the nation. Patients now pay him an $1,800 membership fee that allows him to see fewer people and spend more time with each of them. A roster that once hovered at 2,000 patients is now at 300. The annual fee guarantees an extensive physical, including tests on lung function, vision, heart, anxiety, diet and other aspects of wellness. Patients get Padour’s cell phone number. They are guaranteed immediate access and, perhaps most important, more time with the doctor. If they end up in the hospital or a nursing home, he follows them there for treatment. Growing practice Some doctors call it a concierge practice. Others, frustrated over what they say is a misperception that the service attracts only wealthy patients, prefer direct primary care or personalized care.

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Update: 2013 List of Best Doctors in Dallas Features Texas Institute for Surgery Physicians

Finance Thu, Sep 19, 2013, 1:08 PM EDT – U.S. Markets close in 2 hrs 52 mins Stock Watch Update: 2013 List of Best Doctors in Dallas Features Texas Institute for Surgery Physicians Press Release: Texas Institute for Surgery 2 hours 17 minutes ago Print DALLAS, Sept. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — More than 30 physicians credentialed to practice at Texas Institute for Surgery at Texas Heath Presbyterian Dallas (TIS) are recognized by D Magazine in its October issue, Best Doctors 2013. Best Doctors is an annual peer-review voting process. The nomination form asked board-certified doctors to cast a vote bearing in mind the following question: Which Dallas doctors would you trust with the care of a loved one? “Texas Institute for Surgery is proud to provide the highest in quality surgeons and staff to our patients”, said TIS President David Helfer, FACHE. “At TIS, we believe we have some of the most highly acclaimed surgeons in Dallas. Having many of our surgeons recognized by local physicians, and D Magazine as Dallas’ Best Doctors supports that belief”. Texas Institute for Surgery offers a full range of surgical procedures including orthopedic, spine, pain management and ENT, among others. D Magazine recognized surgeons from nearly every specialty offered at TIS. TIS received the Dallas 100 Award from the SMU Cox Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship for six consecutive years. TIS was also a winner in the 2010 Greater Dallas Business Ethics Awards. TIS active status doctors who are listed as Best Docs by specialty are: Cosmetic/Reconstructive Surgery

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An Australian Audit Of Vaccination Status In Children And Adolescents With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

This includes invasive pneumococcal disease and influenza. The primary aim of this study was to describe compliance with current Australian guidelines for vaccination of children and adolescents diagnosed with IBD. A secondary aim was to review the serological screening for VPD. Methods A random sample of patients (0-18 years at diagnosis), were selected from the Victoria Australia state based Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Register. A multi-faceted retrospective review of immunization status was undertaken, with hospital records audited, a telephone interview survey conducted with consenting parents and the vaccination history was checked against the primary care physician and Australian Childhood Immunization Register (ACIR) records. The routine primary childhood vaccinations and administration of the recommended additional influenza and pneumococcal vaccines was clarified. Results This 2007 audit reviewed the immunization status of 101individuals on the Victorian Pediatric IBD database. Median age at diagnosis was 12.1 years, 50% were on active immunosuppressive therapy. 90% (38/42) [95% confidence intervals (CI) 77%; 97%] with complete immunization information were up-to-date with routine primary immunizations. Only 5% (5/101) [95% CI 2%; 11%] received a recommended pneumococcal vaccine booster and 10% (10/101) [95% CI 5%; 17%] had evidence of having ever received a seasonal influenza vaccine. Those living in rural Victoria (p = 0.005) and younger at the age of diagnosis (p = 0.002) were more likely to have ever received an influenza vaccine Serological testing, reviewing historical protection from VPD, identified 18% (17/94) with evidence of at least one serology sample. Conclusion This study highlights poor compliance in IBD patients for additional recommended vaccines.

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Australian prime minister defends gay marriage

“Well mate, if I was going to have that view, the Bible also says that slavery is a natural condition,” Rudd said. “Because St. Paul said in the New Testament: Slaves be obedient to your masters. And therefore we should have all fought for the Confederacy in the U.S. Civil War,” he added. Rudd said the fundamental principle of the New Testament was universal love. “If we get obsessed with a particular definition of that through a form of sexuality, then I think we are missing the centrality of what the Gospel,” Rudd said. “If you think homosexuality is an unnatural condition, then frankly I cannot agree with you based on any element of the science,” he added. Gay marriage is a point of difference between Rudd and opposition leader Tony Abbott, whose conservative coalition is favorite to win Saturday’s elections after six years out of power. Abbott remains staunchly opposed to same-sex marriage, despite his lesbian sister Christine Forster endorsing marriage equality. He said Tuesday that Australians should not expect a vote on gay marriage in the next three-year term of Parliament after the weekend election. “Everyone knows where I stand on this,” said Abbott, a former Roman Catholic seminarian. “There are some of my colleagues who have a different position on this.” Australian Marriage Equality national director Rodney Croome described Rudd’s defense of marriage equality as “a historic moment in the campaign for the reform.” Croome urged people of faith who support marriage equality to follow the example set by Rudd, who is a Catholic. “It is unprecedented in Australian history for a prime minister to give such a strong defense of equality for gay people, and it was made all the more compelling because it was from a Christian perspective,” Croome said in a statement. “Mr. Rudd gave a moral and spiritual urgency to marriage equality that will resonate with many Australians, including many Australians Christians, and which marks a historic moment in the debate,” he added.

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New Guidelines On The Management Of Acute Pancreatitis Published By The American College Of Gastroenterology

Sucampo to Present Data on AMITIZA(R) (lubiprostone) in Chronic Idiopathic Constipation at Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Gastroenterology

Organization Gives Child New Chance at Life With Surgery

The guidelines also highlight endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), a procedure that combines an upper endoscopy and x-rays to treat problems in the bile and pancreatic ducts. According to the guidelines, patients with acute pancreatitis and concurrent acute cholangitis should undergo ERCP within 24 hours of admission. It is also important to note that the prevalence of acute pancreatitis has been increasing in recent years. “Although the case fatality rate for acute pancreatitis has decreased over time, the overall population mortality rate for acute pancreatitis has remained unchanged,” state the guidelines. To listen to the podcast of Dr. Tenner discussing the guidelines, visit: http://gi.org/physician-resources/podcasts/the-american-journal-of-gastroenterology-author-podcasts/. About the American College of Gastroenterology Founded in 1932, the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) is an organization with an international membership of more than 12,000 individuals from 80 countries. The College is committed to serving the clinically oriented digestive disease specialist through its emphasis on scholarly practice, teaching and research. The mission of the College is to serve the evolving needs of physicians in the delivery of high quality, scientifically sound, humanistic, ethical, and cost-effective health care to gastroenterology patients. http://www.gi.org About The American Journal of Gastroenterology The American Journal of Gastroenterology is published on behalf of the American College of Gastroenterology by Nature Publishing Group. As the leading clinical journal covering gastroenterology and hepatology, The American Journal of Gastroenterology provides practical and professional support for clinicians dealing with the gastroenterological disorders seen most often in patients. The Co-Editors-in-Chief are William D.

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Patients who experience dyspnea should inform their doctor. Interaction: It is unlikely that lubiprostone will cause interactions with other medications. Pregnancy and lactation: AMITIZA should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus. Breast-feeding during use of AMITIZA is not recommended. Side effects: Most common in clinical studies (in over 10% of patients) were nausea, diarrhoea and headaches. Other side effects (in over 1% of patients) were abdominal pain, abdominal distension, flatulence, vomiting, dizziness, peripheral oedema, fatigue, chest discomfort or pain, dyspnea, abdominal discomfort, dyspepsia, and dry mouth. Although dyspnea is not classified as severe, some patients discontinued treatment. Packaging: Soft capsules in HDPE bottles of 56 (B) with seal and rayon filler. State of information: May 2013. Sucampo AG, Zug. About Sucampo Sucampo AG, based in Zug, Switzerland, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a global biopharmaceutical company focused on innovative research, discovery, development and commercialization of proprietary drugs based on prostones. The therapeutic potential of prostones was first discovered by Ryuji Ueno, M.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., Sucampo’s Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Scientific Officer, and co-founder.

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Cape Regional’s Gastroenterology Service Expands

Multiple Rapid Swallow Responses During Esophageal High-Resolution Manometry Reflect Esophageal Body Peristaltic Reserve

These two high-trained and experienced physicians will be in private practice and will perform procedures at Cape Regional Medical Centers Same Day Surgery Care Center, according to a prepared statement from Cape Regional. Cape May County has a demonstrated need for additional gastroenterology services, stated William Hofmann, D.O., outpatient medical director of Cape Regional Physicians Associates. We are excited to have Dr. Masciarelli and Dr. Vattasseril join Cape Regional Health System. Masciarelli is a graduate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford. He earned his bachelors of science degree from St. Josephs University, Philadelphia. His postgraduate training includes a fellowship and residency in Gastroenterology at Kennedy Health System. Masciarelli has been in private practice for the past 21 years, most recently with Advanced Gastrointestinal Specialists and has served as Chief Gastroenterologist at Kennedy Health System in Washington Township from 2006 to 2012. Vattasseril is a graduate of the University of Debrecen Medical Health and Sciences Center in Debrecen, Hungary, where he graduated cum laude. His postgraduate training includes a fellowship and residency in gastroenterology at New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, where he was named chief resident. Vattasseril most recently served as attending physician, gastroenterology at Memorial Hospital of Salem County. Appointments are now being scheduled for both doctors, according to information from the heath center. To schedule an appointment, call 609-536-8010. Their new office will be located at Cape Regional Medical Commons, 211 N.

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Prakash Gyawali, Division of Gastroenterology, Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, Missouri 63110, USA. E-mail: cprakash@wustl.edu Presented in preliminary form at the annual meeting of the American Gastroenterological Association, San Diego, 2012. Received 23April2013; Accepted 30July2013 Advance online publication 10September2013 OBJECTIVES: Dysphagia may develop following antireflux surgery as a consequence of poor esophageal peristaltic reserve. We hypothesized that suboptimal contraction response following multiple rapid swallows (MRS) could be associated with chronic transit symptoms following antireflux surgery. METHODS: Wet swallow and MRS responses on esophageal high-resolution manometry (HRM) were characterized collectively in the esophageal body (distal contractile integral (DCI)), and individually in each smooth muscle contraction segment (S2 and S3 amplitudes) in 63 patients undergoing antireflux surgery and in 18 healthy controls. Dysphagia was assessed using symptom questionnaires. The MRS/wet swallow ratios were calculated for S2 and S3 peak amplitudes and DCI. MRS responses were compared in patients with and without late postoperative dysphagia following antireflux surgery. RESULTS: Augmentation of smooth muscle contraction (MRS/wet swallow ratios >1.0) as measured collectively by DCI was seen in only 11.1% with late postoperative dysphagia, compared with 63.6% in those with no dysphagia and 78.1% in controls (P0.02 for each comparison). Similar results were seen with S3 but not S2 peak amplitude ratios. Receiver operating characteristics identified a DCI MRS/wet swallow ratio threshold of 0.85 in segregating patients with late postoperative dysphagia from those with no postoperative dysphagia with a sensitivity of 0.67 and specificity of 0.64. CONCLUSIONS: Lack of augmentation of smooth muscle contraction following MRS is associated with late postoperative dysphagia following antireflux surgery, suggesting that MRS responses could assess esophageal smooth muscle peristaltic reserve.

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Acg Presidential Introduction

He then completed a faculty development fellowship at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. He presently is clinical professor of medicine at Jefferson Medical College and chairman of the Division of Gastroenterology and associate program director of the Department of Medicine at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr Katz is a recognized national authority on esophageal disease. His research interests include all aspects of gastroesophageal reflux disease, including nocturnal recovery of gastric acid secretion during proton pump inhibitor therapy and esophageal-pain perception. In spite of his many research and administrative responsibilities, he remains a practicing clinician and dedicated researcher with active teaching and editorial positions in addition to lecturing on many gastroenterology-related topics. Dr Katz is an editorial reviewer for the Annals of Internal Medicine, the American Journal of Gastroenterology, Gastroenterology, and Digestive Diseases and Sciences. He has contributed to the publication of over 150 peer-reviewed papers, as well as numerous abstracts, books, and monographs. His generous contributions of time, effort, and creativity to the College began in 1995 as a member of the Educational Affairs Committee, on which he served as Chair from 1996 to 1999. He has remained an active and loyal member of the College, serving in numerous capacities, including as a member of the board of trustees since 2001. However, perhaps his most important contributions have been inspired by his passion for education and training; in these areas he has spearheaded numerous projects and devoted countless hours of his time, creativity, and hard work. He served as course director of the ACG National Postgraduate Course in 2005 and pioneered the Whats New in GI Pharmacology? course, remaining involved since its inception in 1999. Dr Katz has taken on the challenge of serving as our representative to the American Board of Internal Medicine, working with the ABIM on such important issues as establishing appropriate criteria for gastroenterology training and board recertification. Over the years he has been deeply involved in programs that target GI fellows working to ensure that the clinicians of tomorrow develop a bond with the College. He was a speaker at the ACG Second Year Fellows Conference in 2007 and 2009, served as chair of the North American Conference of Gastroenterology Fellows on behalf of the College from 1995 to 2009, and was involved in the ACG/Astra Merck Senior Fellow Conference from 1992 to 2001. One of Dr Katzs most recent and significant contributions to the College has been his driving force behind the development and launch of the ACG Education Universe, an innovative, online educational portal offering a library of ACG educational activities.

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Is Ursodeoxycholic Acid Effective for the Treatment of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis?

Gastroneterol Hepatol. 2006;2:843-849. 2. Cullen SN, Chapman RW. The medical management of primary sclerosing cholangitis. Semin Liver Dis. 2006;26:52-61. 3. Chen W, Gluud C. Bile acids for primary sclerosing cholangitis (review). Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2004;3:CD004036. 4. Mitchell SA, Bansi DS, Hunt N, et al. A preliminary trial of high-dose ursodeoxycholic acid in primary sclerosing cholangitis. Gastroenterology. 2001;121:900-907.

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Sucampo to Present Data on AMITIZA(R) (lubiprostone) in Chronic Idiopathic Constipation at Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Gastroenterology

Finance Finance Search Thu, Sep 12, 2013, 10:54 PM EDT – U.S. Markets closed Sucampo to Present Data on AMITIZA(R) (lubiprostone) in Chronic Idiopathic Constipation at Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Gastroenterology Press Release: Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 3 hours ago 5.69 +0.05 BETHESDA, Md., Sept. 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sucampo AG (“SAG”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ( SCMP ) (“Sucampo”), announced today that it will present four posters evaluating the overall efficacy and tolerability of AMITIZA(R) (lubiprostone) as a treatment for chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC). These posters contain data demonstrating the efficacy and tolerability of AMITIZA regardless of age, gender, and race, a pooled analysis of the most frequent adverse events associated with AMITIZA, and an evaluation of the efficacy of AMITIZA in patients suffering from refractory constipation. Sucampo will present these data during the Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Gastroenterology in Basel, Switzerland on Friday, September 13, 2013. “AMITIZA has been proven to be effective in treating a wide range of patients suffering from CIC,” said Ryuji Ueno, MD, PhD, PhD, SAG’s President and Chief Scientific Officer. “We are excited to present these data on AMITIZA, the world’s first chloride channel activator, to gastroenterologists in Switzerland.” AMITIZA increases intestinal fluid secretion, softens stools and increases motility in the intestine, thereby facilitating the passage of stool and alleviating symptoms associated with CIC. The following posters will be presented between 1:30-2:00 p.m. CEST (7:30-8:00 a.m. ET) at the Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Gastroenterology at the Basel Congress Center in Basel, Switzerland on Friday, September 13, 2013: Long-Term Efficacy of Lubiprostone Demonstrated in Patients with Constipation Regardless of Age, Gender or Race Taryn R.

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