White House touts slow increase in health care costs

STORY: State health exchange rates vary, but lower than expected Obama has focused recently on the parts of the law have taken effect, such as the ban on out-of-pocket costs for preventive health exams, rebate checks from insurance companies that spent less than 80% of premiums on health care and drug discounts for beneficiaries of the Medicare Part D program. Also, people up to age 26 can remain on their parents’ health insurance plans. Congressional Republicans remained unswayed by the White House claims. They are voting in the House of Representatives this week to repeal parts of the law. It is their 40th attempt to repeal, change or defund the law. The bill is not likely to make it to the Senate. As the administration works to gain 7 million new people to purchase private insurance through the federal and state health marketplaces, or exchanges, beginning in October, they have stressed that their message has been streamlined to those who need insurance. To that end, they are appealing to young, mostly Hispanic Americans in Florida, California and Texas. In other words, middle-class Americans living in Idaho and covered by employer-sponsored insurance probably won’t see advertisements for the new insurance programs. Meanwhile, states that have released the rates insurers provided for the policies to be sold on state-sponsored health exchanges have rates that turned out to be lower than expected. On Friday, Maryland announced insurance premiums up to 33% lower than expected. Connecticut’s plan includes an insurer that announced it would drop premium costs an average of 36% below its original proposal. And young people in Nevada will be able to buy catastrophic coverage for less than $100 a month. California and New York also have lower-than-expected rates. An HHS report showed that silver health exchange plans, or the lower cost plans that uninsured people are most likely to buy, are already an average of 18% lower than expected in the 11 states the government looked at.

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Medical group shadow program

Medical group shadow program

Additionally, the program identifies the participating Airmen who have unique leadership traits and provide a platform for tailored developmental opportunities. “The shadow programs is a way for Airmen who want to have an idea of what it would be like to be an officer in the medical group,” said Staff Sgt. Joshua Garbert, 86th Medical Support Squadron diagnostic imaging technician NCOIC. “If anyone wanted to know what it’d be like to be a dentist, a physical therapist or an X-ray technician, we allow them that opportunity and give them the guidance they need to progress.” All members participating in the program will gain an expeditionary generalist mindset and an enhanced perspective on “Airmanship” in relation to the Air Force Medical Service. “If you’re a motivated Airmen seeking to advance in your medical skills, this program could be just what you need to get your foot in the door,” said Airman 1st Class Julie Bersinger, 86th Medical Operations Squadron medical technician. “In my experience, it has been helpful and in the advancement of my medical career.” Developing expeditionary generalist will focus on several different aspects in the growth and development of Airmen. According to a MDG pamphlet, the key tenets of the MDG Career Shadow Program are: The group commander’s philosophy of “building future AFMS leaders” and, to an extent “joint partnerships.” Aid Airmanin better understanding the integration of operational and support functions within the 86th Medical Group. Offer Airman opportunities to observe different medical career field options and gain a unique internship where personal interaction is premium. In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, the program will target individuals for one of two developmental paths: a leadership path and an expanded career exposure path. The leadership path will target those members who have been identified as potential future leaders in the AFMS Corps. This aspect of the program will expose Airman to critical thinking decision making processes, roles and responsibilities of leadership, and management.

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EU envoy allowed to meet Egypt’s Mursi, says he is in good health

Egypt’s interim Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei (R) speaks at a news conference with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton at El-Thadiya presidential palace in Cairo July 30, 2013. Credit: Reuters/Amr Abdallah Dalsh By Maggie Fick and Matt Robinson CAIRO | Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:50am EDT CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt’s rulers allowed an EU envoy to meet deposed President Mohamed Mursi, the first time an outsider was given access to him since the army overthrew him and jailed him a month ago, but ruled out involving him in any negotiations. European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton revealed little about what she called a “friendly, open and very frank” two-hour conversation with Mursi, after she was flown to an undisclosed location to visit him. An aide said they had “in-depth” talks. “I’ve tried to make sure that his family know he is well,” said Ashton, who has emerged as one of the only figures accepted by both sides as a potential mediator in a conflict that has plunged the most populous Arab state into violent confrontation. Ashton said Mursi had access to television and was informed about the situation in the country. Nearly 300 people have been killed in violence since Mursi was removed on July 3, including 80 of his supporters gunned down at dawn on Saturday. The violence has raised global anxiety about Egypt as the authorities crackdown on the Brotherhood, a movement which emerged from decades in the shadows to win power in elections after Egypt’s 2011 Arab Spring uprising against Hosni Mubarak. Raising the prospect of more bloodshed, the Brotherhood has said it would hold marches again on Tuesday, though twice this week it has failed to follow through on pledges to march to sensitive security facilities in Cairo. Ashton said the EU mediation effort would continue and she would return. “Any violence must stop. The people need to come together to find the road to the future together. Only an inclusive process will work,” said Ashton, speaking alongside interim Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei at a news conference.

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Dr Alister George, MD on how to find a good gastroenterologist

Dr Alister George, MD says gastroenterology is an important specialty because it explores how well the digestive system is working or not working. Dr Alister George, MD has been board certified in gastroenterology with the American Board of Internal Medicine since 1993. He is proud to also be a member of the American College of Gastroenterology since 1993. Dr Alister George, MD is in high demand in the Thousand Oaks community of California. He is a physician who is well known for his excellent diagnostic skills as well as his compassion. Dr Alister George, MD is considered to be a doctor’s doctor. He is the gastroenterologist to many top doctors, actors and public figures in this beautiful community located just 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Dr Alister George, MD has great advice to those who are in need of a gastroenterologist. When asked what to look for in a doctor, “I tell people to look for qualities that I hope others see in me,” says Dr Alister George, MD . The first thing Dr Alister George, MD will tell you is to seek a gastroenterologist who is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. A gastroenterologist who is board certified demonstrates that he or she has the proper skills and expertise, comprehension, and experience to practice the gastroenterology specialty of medicine. Dr Alister George, MD will recommend you ask family members or trusted friends when looking for a great doctor. A recent survey at the office of Dr Alister George, MD showed 98 percent of his patients were completely satisfied with the care and service they received. This survey also acknowledged that his patients plan to refer their own friends and family to him. Dr Alister George, MD was awarded the Vitals.com Patient’s Choice Award from 2008 through 2011 by a noteworthy online health resource. In 2010, he was awarded the Vitals.com Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award. The relationship between patient and doctor is not only confidential but also vulnerable.

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